Citizen Engagement

Citizen Engagement for Durgapur Smart City

The process of planning for the Smart City commences with the preparation of the City Profile and thereafter progress by intense citizen engagement at multiple levels in the city using different means.

We ensure the active participation of various groups of people, such as youth and students associations, welfare associations, tax-payers associations, senior citizens, special interest groups, slum dwellers and others. Selection of appropriate techniques and the target groups for the engagement strategy.

Constantly conduct citizen engagement with people of each Ward level and incorporate their views regarding development projects in the city. Use multiple means of communication and get feedback, both face to face and online. The effectiveness of city governance and service delivery is constantly enhanced on the basis of feedback received from citizens.

Various citizen engagement methods are given below:

Methods Extent Inclusion
Media Engagement (19-09-2015 to Present) More than hundreds citizens Used media for citizen engagement by smart city participation through facebook, twitter & email. Got valuable feedback from different citizen for overall development as well as area specific improvement.
Meeting with Ward councilors and renowned personalities of the city (First Round) More than hundreds citizens Discussed and delivered concepts of Smart City. Identified area of improvement as to how to make Durgapur a Smart Steel City.
Focused group discussion (21-09-2015 to Present) More than ten groups Gathered different group of people and discussed how to make Durgapur a smart city and methods to achieve the goal. Focused on major Commercial Potential, Tourism, Industrial and city specific issue like air pollutions drainage, water logging etc.
Renowned Citizen of the city (24-09-2015 to Present) 10-15 Group of People Had a discussion on various issues related to city and tried to come to a solution by taking various initiatives. Main area of discussion was on Air Pollutions Control, Intelligent Mobility, Efficient Sanitation and Solid Waste Management (SWM) systems.
Walk for the smart city (10-10-2015 ) More than hundreds citizens A walk was organized by the corporation to promote the smart city project from Sidhu Kanu Stadium to Srijni Hall.
Face to face consultation
(24-09-2015 to 31-10-2015)
10 – 150 group of people participated in the whole activity. Senior citizen, middle aged people, youngster, children were involved in different ways and forum to express their opinion and ideas for smart city projects. People from high rises, slums, business people and working class were interviewed to get their valuable feedback.
Questioners for feedback (43 Wards) (03-10-2015 to 31-10-2015) Participated more than thousands citizen (Around 4000 Citizen) Conducted meeting at the respective location and gave them a brief idea about the smart city project and feedback forms were circulated to get their valuable ideas along with the solutions. The feedback form was drafted by the corporation.
Audio-visual feedback from citizen (05-10-2015 to 12-10-2015) More than 20 councilors and renowned personalities of the city Points discussed- Creation of Subways at Junctions, Citizen Bio-metric to provide services, Proper door to door collection and recycling of waste, Providing clean drinkable tap water like western countries.
Sit and Draw (12-10-2014) Participated more than hundreds students Sit and draw competition was organised by DMC at sidhu kanu indoor stadium.
Children from both government and private school participated in the competition
Quiz and Debate (21-10-2015 to 24-10-2015) Participated more than thousands citizen Competition was organized in different Puja Pandals at Durgapur City. Audio Visual and written feedback was taken from citizen. Created awareness about Concept of Smart City and requested their valuable feedback.
Meeting with Ward councilors and renowned personalities of the city (Second Round) (14-10-2015) More than hundreds citizens Identified area of improvement as to how to make Durgapur as a Smart Steel City. Discussed the area based development plan and pan city solutions.
Technology Fair (07-10-2015) More than hundreds citizens/Organizations Presented the Smart solutions identified by our team to the citizen based on Durgapur characteristics. Incorporated their suggestion and feedback on Smart City Proposal.
Jucntion Mall (Free WiFi Zone)
Participated more than thousands citizen As a Smart City initiative created WiFi free Zone at Junction Mall with signal point access capacity around 3250 users. Promoted use of IT to created awareness and obtained their valuable feedback.
Pollution Free Day (December 2015) Expected participation of more than thousands citizen Celebrate one day as pollution free day by using non-motorize vehicle. Durgapur is focusing on becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Promoting cycling culture in the city to make Durgapur a Clean City.

Initiative for citizen engagement

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